KidsMatter2 Camp With Concordia Parish
 June 23, 2016   8:47 AM


Students from Concordia Parish Academy, Ferriday Jr. High School, Monterey High School, & Vidalia Jr. High School had a blast at the KidsMatter2 Camp at The Wesley Center in Woodworth on June 13th through the 14th. The students learned the consequences of drinking and driving, as well as other valuable life skills they can take with them and use in life with the help of Gary and Phyllis Ray with their outdoor survival training, as well as Chief of Police for the Town of Ball, Nate Ussery teaching the students about the dangers of drinking and driving as well as the dangers of taking prescription drugs while driving. The camp was sponsored by The Louisiana Partnership for Success, Concordia Parish School Board, and the Central Louisiana Human Services District.
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Concordia Parish  

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